Filip Van der Veken is a law graduate and also holds a degree in accountancy and taxation. Already during his studies he showed himself to be a true entrepreneur setting up real estate projects. Due to this practical experience, he has always taken a keen interest in all aspects of construction law.

In 2004 he began his career as a lawyer with Mr. Hugo Schiltz, LL.M., as his patron. He went on to join the law firm Questa Advocaten when it was established and created the construction law cell.

From the start of his career, he has focused on services offered to construction companies, builders, architects, engineering firms etc. Consequently, he does a large number of construction cases pertaining to private construction law, joint property, urban development, soil sanitation as well as public contracts. He also has knowledge of contract law, tenancy law and business law. In this regard, he has contributed to seminars on such topics as “Excellent Construction Contracts” and "Public Contracts".

Additionally, he is familiar with accounting and taxation, which benefits acquisitions of real estate companies, among others.

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